BikeMaster Battery Maintainer and Charger 750MA - 15-0907

The BikeMaster ChargerMaintainer 750MA is perfect for keeping all of your 12 volt lead acid batteries in top condition,including: Conventional Acid Batteries Wet,Factory Activated MaintenanceFree Batteries FA,Absorbed Glass Mat MaintenanceFree Batteries AGM and Gel Batteries Gel Electrolyte.Fully automatic battery charger with reverse polarity,overcharge and short circuit protectionBulk Charge: Charges at a constant 750mA rated current output until the battery is fully charged 13.6V 0.2V and then the charger automatically switches to maintenance modeMaintenance: The battery is constantly monitored. If the battery voltage falls below 12.8V 0.2V,the bulk charge mode will restart to charge the battery at a constant 750mA until fully charged,then the charger automatically switches back to maintenance mode. The maintenance charging cycle is repeated indefinitely thus allowing the charger to stay connected worry freeRed LED light indicates when charging and changes to Green when fully chargedSleek durable composite housing for long service lifeIncludes alligator clip leads and fuseprotected quick disconnect Battery Terminal leads both of which are colorcoded for your safety

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BikeMaster Battery Maintainer and Charger 750MA - 15-0907 Review

Hey, there! Products by BikeMaster are really great. I use them on the daily basis. Also this Cruiser Customizing has the lowest price.

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