Ellison (R) AllStar (TM) Die, Pumpkin

Special alignment marks for quick cutting guidelines and every-time cutting perfection Cuts through 1-2 sheets of paper at a time. Measures approximately 4in. x 4 1/2in... Made from high-quality wood and steel-rule surrounded by foam and encased with sturdy plastic. Designed for use only with the Ellison AllStar Machine. They will not fit in Ellison Prestige machines or a retired Ellison LetterMachine. Ellison (R) AllStar (TM) Die, Pumpkin is one of many Die Cutting Supplies available through Office Depot. Made by Ellison.

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Ellison (R) AllStar (TM) Die, Pumpkin Review

I thought it would be bad quality, because it costs just 19.39 . But I surprised, because amazingly it's very good product, maybe best Ellison (R) AllStar (TM) Die, Pumpkin!

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