2 Port VGA Video Splitter - USB Powered

This 2-Port VGA Video Splitter allows a computer to display VGA video on two monitors simultaneously. Perfect for classrooms, tradeshows, or any environment requiring high quality video on several monitors, the ST122LE VGA splitter supports displays with up to 300 MHz of bandwidth and up to 2048x1536 resolution. Plus, to simplify placement of your VGA displays, the splitter features a built-in booster circuit that allows you to locate VGA monitors up to 200 ft away from your system, and can be powered through a USB connection to the host computer, eliminating the need to find an available power outlet. The ST122LE VGA Splitter supports easy plug and play installation. 2 Port VGA Video Splitter - USB Powered is one of many Unmanaged Switches available through Office Depot. Made by StarTech.

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Best quality at best price of 34.99, you will not need any other kvm switches. Count on it!

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