Vacuum Beads

From Manufacturer's Label:"Beach Days" scented Vacuum Beads from Good Home Company make vacuuming a pleasure. Simply place 25 beads (about a small handful) in the vacuum bag or canister before vacuuming. Not only will you be cleaning your home, but you will be releasing a fabulous fragrance reminiscent of "beach days" into the air. Unlike vacuum powders, these beads will not harm carpets or leave behind dust. These vacuum beads have a strong scent and will last until your bag or canister is full. * Recommended for all bag and bagless/canister vacuums, as well as hand-held vacuums. Not recommended for use with vacuums that lack an exhaust system. The lack of exhaust systems prevents the scent from being released."Beach Days" scent. No parabens. No Sulfates. No phthalates. Each bottle contains enough for 12 to 14 uses. Manufactured by: The Good Home Company

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Vacuum Beads Review

This Vacuum Beads is very good , and works very good . I saved some money on it and I think you don't need to buy in a new additional for a long time period.

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